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House Wines

1. White - Vino Della Casa 13.00

By the glass 125ml 3.40
Half Bottle 8.20

A light, easy wine with a nice balance and pleasant, lingering flavour

2. Red - Vino Della Casa 13.00

By the glass 125ml 3.40
Half Bottle 8.20

Full and harmonious, with a deep and persistent bouquet

White Wines

3. Garganega/Chardonnay Le Poesie IGT 14.70

Half Bottle 8.40

11.5% (Veneot, Italy)

Straw yellow colour, this wine has an intense aroma and a delicate flavour

4. Frascati Superiore Principe DOC 17.15

Half Bottle 9.70

12.5% (Lazio, Italy)

Straw Yellow colour with green reflections, a delicate nose with moderate fruit and blossom. It tastes dry, fresh and elegant.

5. Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie Vaja IGT 17.15

By the glass 4.50

12% (Veneto, Italy)

Pale yellow colour, distinctive bouquet of wild flowers, with hints of honey and bananas. It tastes dry, but not excessively so, full flavour, soft but fresh and lively, with a pleasing, lingering aftertaste of ripe pears.

6. Lugana Colli Storici DOC 18.10

12% (Veneto, Italy)

Delicate, mineral and fresh, with fragrances of white almonds and apples.

7. Orvieto Classico Amabile DOC 18.10

12.5% (Umbria, Italy)

Clear, bright, golden yellow colour; strong bouquet of wild flowers, honey and musk with a hint of bitter almonds. It tastes sweet, very soft but fresh and lively, balanced flavour with a delightful aftertaste of ripe fruit.

8. Verdicchio Anfora Masso Isolato DOC 18.10

12.5% (Marche, Italy)

Straw yellow in colour with reflections tending to greenish, the bouquet is fruity with subtle notes of hawthorn and almonds in flower. It tastes dry, sapid and refreshing.

Red Wines

9. Merlot Corvina Le Poesie IGT 14.70

Half Bottle 8.40

11.5% (Veneto, Italy)

It features a ruby red colour, it is well balanced and has a rounded palate.

10. Cabernet Sauvignon Andes Peak 16.15

13.5% (Chilie)

Ruby red in colour, this wine had chocolate, cassis and blackberry aromas. It is medium bodied, harmonious and balanced.

11. Montepulciano D’Abruzzo ‘Piane Di Maggio’ DOC 17.10

13% (Abruzzo, Italy)

Deep cherry-red in colour. Brief period of wood ageing gives a dry, soft and medium bodied wine with well balanced tannins and a delightful, vinous aroma.

12. Rioja Tinto “Mi Villa” 17.70

12.5% (Spain)

Cherry red in colour, this wine has a complex aroma and is powerful and harmonious.

13. Chianti Conti Serristori DOCG 18.10

13% (Tuscany, Italy)

Ruby red with brick reflections, this wine is pleasant, dry and clean with a well balanced flavour and a long lasting aftertaste.

14. Valpolicella Superiore Rocca alata DOC 18.10

Half Bottle 10.10

12.5% (Veneto, Italy)

It features a ruby red colour, an intense aroma with a hint of wild berry fruits, dry and well rounded.

15. Negresco Garda Classico DOC 25.15

13.5% (Lombardia, Italy)

This red wine comes from vineyards of fine grapes linked to the Garda Classico D.O.C denomination. It is aged in oak barrels for 12 months prior to bottling. It is a fruity and well structured wine with individual character.

16. Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG 27.15

13% (Tuscany, Italy)

Bright ruby red in colour, this wine is dry and clean with a lingering aftertaste and a delightful fragrance of spice and dried flowers.

Rose Wines

17. Bardolino Chiaretto DOC 18.10

12% (Veneto, Italy)

Bright Pink in colour, Intense bouquet; fragrant with strong notes of fruit and hints of violet. It has a delicate flavour, with an attractive aftertaste of ripe cherries.

18. Pinot Grigio Blush IGT 18.10

By the glass 175ml 4.80

12% (Veneto, Italy)

A very Fresh Rose Wine, Fruity on the nose with a fragrance of flowers. The palate is harmonious, not too dry with hints of berry flavours.

Sparkling wines and Champagne

19. Pinot Chardonnay Frizzante IGT 17.70

11% (Veneto, Italy)

A light sparkling white wine, crisp, fresh and lively with charming fragrances of apricots, apples and pears.

20. Asti Spumante DOCG 19.70

7.5% (Piedmonte, Italy)

Straw yellow in colour, fruity and intensely aromatic with orange blossom and sage sensations. It tastes sweet and fruity.

21. Valdobbiadene Prosecco Extra Dry DOCG 24.70


Straw yellow colour, it expresses a delicate pear aroma and white flowers such as honeysuckle and jasmine. It gives an impact of soft, continuous and lively taste as well as harmonious and elegant.

If a quoted wine is not available, a suitable alternative will be offered. All vintages as stated on the bottles

Beers, Spirits & Soft

Birra Nastro Azzurro 3.90

Aperitifs, Sherry, etc 2.70

Spirits 3.00

Liqueurs, Brandy, etc 3.70

Mineral Water Bottle 75cl 3.20

Mineral Water Half Bottle 50cl 2.20

Soft Drinks, Fruit Juice, etc 2.40

Mixers 1.00

Gin, Rum, Vodka and Whisky sold in 25cl measures and multiples thereof.